Waiting II

About eight months ago, while my political thriller, Don’t Speak, was being formatted, I wrote a blog entitled Waiting, in which I described how much a writer waits between stages of the writing process. But this time, I’m looking forward to it. I finished the second draft of the second book in the Jade Harrington series. The manuscript is now with my editor.

There’s always this trepidation when someone else reads my work for the first time. Is it good? Does it suck? Will he “get” it? Is the current political landscape becoming crazier than fiction? How will I ever keep up?

In the meantime, what will I do? I have some ideas. All the things that I’ve ignored while I was writing:

·       Organize my home office

·       Pay bills

·       Read

·       Practice synchronized swimming for the 2020 Olympics (kidding)

·       Learn how to cook (kidding)

·       Work out (not kidding)

·       Yoga / meditation

·       Get ready for football season (Go Raiders!)

·       Watch EPL (Go Chelsea!) and La Liga (Hala Madrid!)

·       Spend time with my family and friends who have missed me (you did miss me, right?)

·       Relax (what’s that?)

·       Did I say read?

And, maybe, brainstorm book #3.

Until next time…